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Bilingual Safety Publications (BSP) has been providing professional bilingual safety publications since 1993. We believe in the importance of helping companies reduce their work-related accidents. With company-provided training and our Bilingual Safety Publications, you’re on the right track to zero accidents in your workplace. And you know the value of a safe worksite: increased worker productivity, reduced work-related accidents, lower insurance premiums and no costly fines, and your workers are kept motivated!

Let us help you put safety information where it belongs — in the hands of your employees! Our unique Bilingual Safety Publications will help all your workers stay safe — even those who are Spanish-speaking!

    We Help You

  • Raise Safety Awareness Among Your Workers
  • Increase Worker Productivity
  • Reduce Work-related Accidents
  • Avoid Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Avoid Costly Fines
  • Keep Your Workers Motivated to Work Safely


  • Safety Bulletins

    Bilingual Safety Bulletins Bimonthly newsletter dedicated to workplace safety, to help keep workers safety-conscious throughout the year. Workers appreciate receiving and reading the useful safety messages. Price $210 Click here for details.

  • Safety Tips

    Each volume contains 25 Bilingual Safety Tips to help your employees avoid the most common accidents in the workplace. Includes tips on putting together effective training sessions. Price $179* Click here for details.

  • BSP Safety Library

    Now you can order individual copies of your favorite Bilingual Safety Bulletins. Choose from a list of hundreds of topics. Price $9* Click here for details.

*Sales Tax may be applicable

    Other Services

  • Translation Services

    Besides our broad expertise with safety related topics, BSP together with Inter-Lingua, can provide other important bilingual business support services, such as offering "Publication Quality", Spanish translations that are technically accurate, highly professional, and above all, culturally sensitive.

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